Keeping your jewellery in great shape

The origin of jewellery and wearing of gemstones as decorative pieces dates back to ancient times. People wore adornments to symbolise different things; hunters would wear horns, bones, claws, or teeth from their prey as trophies (believing it would bring them good luck for their next hunt), while others wore charms made from shells, feathers or coloured pebbles to protect themselves from illness or bad luck.

Today jewellery is seen as a fashion accessory. Electric artisans explain it like this, “We learn from history that ancient civilisations appreciated jewellery and it was used to highlight the natural beauty of its wearers. Different pieces were worn to symbolise different messages such as security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity.”

Subsequently, jewellery continues to serve as a great investment. Precious metals like platinum and gold or gemstones like diamonds have been sought after for centuries, and will continue to be in high demand because they are non-depreciable assets.

It is for this reason that we are sharing some tricks to help you keep your jewellery looking its best.

  • Take your jewellery off if you’re involved in any activity which could scratch, knock, or damage it. If in any doubt, take it off and keep it safe.
  • Take it off when you go to bed.
  • Keep it well away from chemicals, especially chlorine. If it does come into contact with chemicals, rinse in water immediately.
  • Bathe and apply any lotions or perfumes before you put your jewellery on. Organic gemstones like pearls and opals are particularly vulnerable to acids, including perspiration.
  • Store all pieces separately, ideally in a soft-lined box or case, so that your pieces don’t tangle, rub, or scratch one another. Pearls in particular should be kept separately as they are easily scratched by harder gemstones.
  • Make sure chains and necklaces are fastened when storing to avoid tangling.
  • Remove jewellery while cooking and cleaning.
  • When storing jewellery, keep it away from sunlight, excessive heat, or damp conditions.

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