Items you can sell to make extra cash

There are ways to make money without the hassle of endless paperwork. We offer you a simpler, smarter, and more convenient way to get cash in your hand, but without taking the traditional money-lender route.

Welcome to the second-hand market

The second-hand market is a place where items are exchanged for cash – these items are then refurbished and sold to someone else. According to a paper published by Assistant Professor Yulia Hristova PhD, the second-hand market has been popular for centuries. “The retail trade of second-hand goods has had longstanding traditions and development. It is considered that people in European countries started purchasing and selling used garments in the 14th century….”

Fast forward to the 21st century, and we can safely conclude that people will continue to sell their pre-loved items because they see it as a better option to make cash.

What can you sell?

  1. Electronics (laptops, cell phones, monitors, microphones, TVs)
  2. Jewellery (gold antique pieces, watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces)
  3. Gaming consoles and video games
  4. Kitchen appliances (coffee machines, blenders, kettles, air fryers)
  5. Power Tools (drills, jigsaws, sanders, circular saws)
  6. Sports equipment
  7. Musical instruments

Don’t stop there

If you have any of these items in your home and want to get a better price, follow these tips.

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