How the Cashies™ Card works

Cash Converters has been famous for converting valuables into cash for over three decades. And as the world changes, so do we – as we go ‘contactless’ and now operate largely cash-free.

In our increasingly security-conscious world, it makes sense to carry as little cash as possible. This is why – in partnership with VISA and FNB – we have launched our Cashies™ Card, so we can now convert cash payments into card payments, no matter which one of our stores you visit.

It’s just like using a debit card – except you don’t need to have a bank account to use it. Our tap-and-go Cashies™ Card is easier, safer and more convenient than cash for both Cash Converters customers and stores alike.

The Cashies™ Card is linked to an e-wallet, making cashless transactions super-efficient. You can transact safely, without the added risk of carrying cash.

For our short-terms loans – a Cash Advance, which gives you 1-month loan against the things you own; and a Payday Loan, which is a 1-month loan of up to R5 000 – money is loaded onto your Cashies™ Card for added peace of mind.  Best of all? The monetary value on the card never expires.

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The benefits of having a Cashies™ Card:


For more information on how the Cashies™ Card works and the fee information, pop into any of our stores and chat to our friendly staff or click here.