Tips to get the best offer for your items

Did you know that Cash Converters gives you access to cash when you sell us your quality unwanted second-hand household items of value? We have been buying second-hand items from our customers for 28 years!

We’re sure you have items in your garages, tucked away in shelves, or in store rooms that you could sell to us, and make some quick cash. We’re all guilty of storing items “just in case” but in reality, are just gathering dust.

You could use that unexpected cash to pay off some debt, to purchase something else you have had your eye on for a while, or to pay into your savings account. What could be smarter than turning unused items into cold, hard cash!

We are specialists in giving unwanted household items a new lease on life. We pride ourselves on cleaning and restoring the items we buy from our customers, so their new owner has maximum value!

Here are some tips to maximise your price:

1. Items in good condition sell more easily

The better the condition of your item, be it a gadget, a cellphone, a kitchen appliance, or power tools, the more cash we’re able to offer you.

2. Newer items sell faster

The newer the item, the more cash we’ll be able to offer you. Don’t leave those unused items to gather dust in a box or a drawer – sell them to us!

3. If you have an in-demand item, we’d love to buy it from you

If it’s the fitness device you bought during lockdown – and have now realized you won’t ever use or the kitchen appliance that has been gathering dust but is all the craze on the latest cooking show, we at Cash Converters would love to buy these items from you. You know, the ones that seemed like a great purchase, but have barely been taken out of the box? Sell them to us for instant cash!

4. Include any original accessories you have

If the items are still in the original packaging, have their warranty and certificates, and have any original cables and adaptors, please bring them with you to the store so we can offer you a little more cash!

What do we buy?

We buy just about anything you have lying around in your cupboards, the shed, the garage or in boxes in an unused spare room. We love to purchase cellphones, tablets and laptops, cameras, gaming consoles, jewellery, power tools, coffee machines and microwaves, and much more.

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Safety precautions:

We are taking all necessary hygiene precautions to ensure all our stores are complying with all the Government regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The safety of our staff and customers remains our top priority.

See you soon!

*This article was updated in 2022

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